Strategies for Reaching Out to Bloggers

If you have never considered bloggers as a group you will need to reach out to, then you are missing a massive opportunity to increase brand awareness, promote your products or services, connect with individuals seeking information on your market and possibly potential customers, announce upcoming events, expand your reach and also be considered a leader in your area. It is not an easy Process, but adding blogger outreach will pay dividends. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Build a targeted list. Research your market and search. Do not go after sites with the readers that are biggest. Use Technorati, Google Blog Search, PostRank and Alltop to find sites. Start looking for bloggers who achieve. Do not forget to look at our blogs that are regional. Research and select 10 to 20 sites to follow .SEO
  2. Get to know the bloggers. You should have a look at every site, read several blog articles and have a look at the About Us page to find out more about the individual who writes the site. You want to comprehend the objective of theĀ blogger outreach and get an idea of content, the writing style and history. Be certain you reach to get a feeling of how they interact with their followers while you are there. Here is a tip that is cool, You may learn if they blog about your subject by going to Google and typing in site,, your topic where is their website address and yourtopic is, well, your topic, all that minus the quote marks.
  3. Become a regular follower and commenter. Comment when you have content and when it is appropriate. When working on blogs never push your products or services. So those interested can learn more, do add your site.
  4. Should You have Be short and be certain you customize the pitch, send an email or complete the form, something you wish to market to the blogger. It is not wise to send a press release or a form letter that is general. Tell them you are familiar with its content and read their website. On top of that, make sure they understand you have. They do not care about making money they care.
  5. Follow your top Bloggers on Twitter and Facebook. This is an excess way while learning more to get familiarity on your own.
  6. Lastly, be respectful. A good deal of bloggers cover their sites are personal to them and what they love. It is not their job to promote your organization or you. Be respectful. Taking the time to build relationships is an excellent way.
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