Robotic Process Automation Solutions – Cloud-Based ERP and Enterprise Management Solutions


Robotic Process Automation Solutions (RPA) is an efficient device that permits a client to design at least one content to enact explicit keystrokes in a mechanized style. The outcome is that the bots can be utilized to mirror or imitate chosen tedious and rule-based undertakings inside a general business or IT process.

RPA can be conveyed to execute the cycle of computerization across various frameworks, cloud arrangements, and programming as-a-administration contributions. With Yonyou’s robotic process automation solutions arrangements, you can divert assets toward high-esteem exercises and dynamic cycles.

Robot Process Automation Platform

  • Support SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and so on ERP programming, from which recover/import information.
  • Support sorts of programming connection interfaces for example character activities, and Restful
  • Upholds a recreation of the mouse, console, and different input gadgets.
  • Support Yonyou ERP information, import and product, structures, and different tasks.

robotic process automation solutions

Uses of Robotic Process Automation in Singapore

  • Applications in Financial Management: Bank corporate compromise, Business compromise, Travel repayment, Contract survey, financial articulation age, GST announcement
  • Applications in Human Capital Management: Resume screening, Candidate contact, Staff self-administration, Staff exchange, Performance record, Salary, and advantages
  • Applications in Marketing and Sales: Return and Exchange, Customer administration support, Consumer Behaviour Analysis, Logistics, and store network observing
  • Applications in Manufacturing: Supply Chain Management, Customer administration process, Expense repayment
  • Applications in Procurement: Demand and supply arranging, Inventory the executives, Order the board, Invoice handling


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