How Does Dental Implants Work?

The dental implants are an important part of the cosmetic dentistry. This involves replacing the decayed, chipped, discolored, and broken teeth, to feel and looks like the natural teeth. For the process to happen you have to look for dental implants centre Singapore.

Dental Implants Work

Planting dental implants will involve following steps:

  • Implant blends in with natural jaw-line & and teeth. This grows with rest of your teeth as well as forms the lasting foundation.
  • The cylindrical or tapered platinum post, which is placed surgically in gap of the jawbone
  • Depending on need, the set of teeth and individual tooth are fixed atop its abutment.
  • After foundation is safely in proper place, the small connecting piece, named abutment, will be fixed on it that connects dental implant to tooth that can get replaced.

Implants will get fixed in your jaw and are highly stable and natural compared to artificial teeth. The implants are more comfortable than the bridges & dentures; you just have to look for right dental implants centre Singapore. Snug fit makes speaking and eating simple than when using the bridges and dentures. It’s very important to have the healthy gums, enough bone support for implant to get it fixed rightly. This process is time taking one, so doesn’t happen in just 1 or 2 sessions with your dentist.

There are 2 kinds of implants and it includes:

  1. Endosteal implants: The implant is fixed directly on your jaw. When fixture has healed, implant gets connected to abutment that is attached with actual tooth.
  2. Subperiosteal implants: It involves fixing the metal frame on jawbone. This frame has got abutments attached.