Things to Consider When Selecting a Singapore Strata Manager

Our insider tips to the questions you should be asking your Strata Manager. We have prepared this list of Questions that you ought to be asking to appoint a Strata Agent. Your strata experience depends on this question that is very simple. Portfolios are managed by brokers, to the point putting out spot fires as opposed to providing you with the service that you are searching for.

bca managing agentWhat is included in the monthly management fee?

A monthly charges Consented services. Works performed beyond the services are charged as an additional fee. It is possible to negotiate with an agency to have fixed cost disbursements to provide you with a clearer comprehension of how much your strategy will pay annually.


Managing your construction should maintain a Certificate 4. This could have been obtained through a Tare course. It is possible by paying a two week program to do to acquire a Certificate 4. Additionally it is a good idea.


When approaching a bca managing agent accreditation scheme Singapore Agent, it is a fair question to ask how much experience the strata manager has if things do go wrong and that will be handling your construction, how much experience they have in attending tribunal and mediation hearings.


How often are reports Are and generated the treasurer was delivered by them? This will be available on a monthly basis.

Service Level Agreements

Strata management is customer service. Your agent needs to be able to supply you of when your requests will be action with time frames, emails responded to and phone calls returned.

Agreement terms

When appointing a new broker attempt to lock you in. You are locked in for the duration of this agreement, unless your strategy decides to cover the remaining term of this agreement if the services do not meet your expectations. It is a better choice see how things go and to sign.